Vicon’s VFX solutions selected by leading virtual production studio, Dimension

Dimension Studios deploys Vicon’s cutting-edge Vantage cameras and Shogun software for virtual production

Vicon, a world leader in motion capture, today announces a new contract with Dimension, a leader in volumetric content and virtual production.

Based in London, Newcastle and Los Angeles, Dimension brings extended reality (XR), digital humans and virtual production solutions directly to brands and studios around the world and is the first Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture studio partner.

Leading visual effects company DNEG will leverage Dimension’s volumetric and real-time development capabilities and Vicon’s tracking of both rigid object and fully body subjects for several high-profile virtual production projects, including a major motion picture and a 10-hour TV series.

Equipped with 44 Vicon Vantage 16 cameras and 12 Vicon Vantage 5 cameras, as well as Vicon’s Shōgun software, Dimension will enable production to turn their creative visions into reality by offering ground-breaking virtual production capabilities including in-camera VFX (ICVFX) and Simulcam.

Steve Jelley, joint CEO of Dimension Studios said: “We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best possible virtual production experiences across virtual art and on-set services, and in particular managing and operating complex technology stacks to display high quality real-time virtual scenes on LED walls or successfully integrating solutions such as Simulcam into film production.

Our work requires the right motion capture technology. It must not only deliver the highest accuracy and performance, but also provide a diverse range of capabilities across the whole virtual production pipeline, including ICVFX and Simulcam. With extensive experience in VFX and motion capture technology, Vicon’s industry-leading solutions enable us to support partners like DNEG in pushing the boundaries of entertainment and bringing their creative ideas to life.”

Imogen Moorhouse, CEO of Vicon said: “By combining the latest in VFX motion capture and real-time volumetric content development, Vicon and Dimension will be able to completely transform filmmaking and virtual entertainment, allowing filmmakers and animators to produce content that’s efficient, believable, authentic and visually stunning.”


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