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Script Name: ApplyOffset
Language: Python

This script is intended to apply a numerical offset to a specified device channel. Input arguments are device ID, device output ID, device channel ID, and your specified offset to apply.
To find your device ID, you can run the following preinstalled example script first: C:\Program Files (x86)\Vicon\Nexus2.10\SDK\Python\Examples\
If I want to adjust my Fz by -324 Newtons for my force plate that has device ID equal to 2 I would use input arguments: 2 1 3 -324
This is because I know that 1 is my “Force” DeviceOutputID and 3 is “Fz” for deviceChannelID

Dependencies: None
Run in Vicon Nexus: Yes, can be run using Nexus Python
Example data provided: None
Author: Kory Herber – Vicon Motion Systems, Inc.


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